PV Seed Fund
PV is a boutique venture fund investing in early-stage startups.

With partners in London, Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area,
we are focusing on companies capable of creating business motes based on fundamental technology and network effects.

We are interested in data science, fintech, and smart hardware.
About us
We started the fund in 2013 with a goal of backing ambitious risk-takers. Our aim is to be the earliest smart money within our circle of competence. As investors, we like to stay engaged and be helpful to founders with advice, connections, and professional expertise.
Our Team
Managed by
Leonid Gluzman & Leonid Sagalovsky
former CEO's, entrepreneurs and private investors
Leonid Sagalovsky
Managing Partner

9 years as Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory

15 years in quantitative finance and algorithmic trading as Portfolio Manager, Head of Analytics, and CEO

Ph.D. Physics (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
B.A. Physics, M.S. Financial Mathematics (Univ. of Chicago)

Expertise: FinTech, Markets, Data Analytics

General Partner

IT entrepreneur and Angel Investor in AI, Robotics, Hardware, eCommerce, Online/Offline Convergence; with exits in AdTech

M.Sc.Technology, M.Sc. Economics (USTU)

Expertise: AdTech, eCommerce, Online/Offline Convergence

Featured in press:
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